Adjusting Addie

The first book in my, “Triple A” trilogy is Adjusting Addie. She is a plus sized feisty social worker. He is an accomplished chiropractor. Her life needs an adjustment, and he’s just the man to do it.

Addisyn “Addie” Gabriel always knew she needed an alpha male to take her in hand. Former Marine Special Forces Operator turned chiropractor, Doctor Bradley Murphy, is that and so much more. Addie soon discovers that happiness lies with following the doctor’s orders.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed romance contains graphic scenes as well as power exchange themes. Please do not read it if this offends you.


“Why are you getting this spanking, Addie girl?” she heard Brad ask from somewhere in the distance. Crack!A hard swat landed right where her butt met her leg. It hurt, and she gasped from the stinging pain. It was nothing like she had expected.

“Addisyn, I asked you a question,” she heard Brad ask in the tone she had grown all too familiar with.

“Ummm, because I called myself fat?” she muttered. Swat! Swat!Two more hard swats landed on the same spot. She thought his aim must be off. She had a huge butt, and he wasn’t swatting it. “Ouch!” she yelled. “Your aim sucks! That isn’t even my butt!” Maybe those were not the right words to shout at a man who was spanking you, she thought, a second after they left her mouth. He gave her another firm swat right in the same spot. Damn! That hurt!

“My aim is just fine.” She heard a small chuckle. “This spot happens to get attention a lot faster than the meat of your butt. How did I tell you to address me during discipline?”


“Oh. Yes, oh. You have one more try before I change my mind and remove your jeans. I want an answer, and I want a correct one. Why are you over my knee right now, little girl?”

Addie heard ‘little girl’ and her belly flip flopped. The modern, career girl, Addie would have spouted something about equal rights and degradation, but in this position, with this man, it felt more like an endearment.

“I called myself a fat, disgusting slob, Sir!” Addie hoped Brad was proud of her for addressing him correctly.

“Do you know what I think about my girlfriend calling herself those disgusting words?” he asked. “Let me show you.” Addie barely had time to register that he used the term ‘girl‐friend’ for a second time before his palm was coming down in a steady tempo.

Over and over again, his hand rose and fell, landing first on one cheek and then the other cheek. He kept up his rhythm, like the swinging of a pendulum, and she had no time to prepare before the next swat came down. A fire was burning in her behind and she was not prepared for it. No amount of story reading could stir her imagination enough to imagine the pain that was now spreading like butter melting on hot toast throughout her lower region.

“It hurts!” she cried out, much like every other woman who had ever been spanked by her man.

“It is supposed to hurt, or it wouldn’t be effective.” He responded to her cries without pausing in tempo. He kept it up and landed another dozen swats, and she started to really squirm.

“Okay, okay!” Addie cried out. “I won’t call myself fat again.” She didn’t get a response other than a chuckle.

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