Finding Teagan Excerpt!

Here is an excerpt from my new release Finding Teagan:

“What made you join the Navy?” Teagan spoke first, the silence getting to her.

“I love my family and my small hometown, but I needed more. We were the typical middle class family. Dad wanted me to take over the ranch, but I wanted something… more. I was the captain of my high school football team, and during my junior year, college recruiters started knocking. College was never on my radar. I had enough of sitting behind a desk in high school. My senior year, an Air Force recruiter called. It was the first time I had thought about joining the military as an option. I’ve always been the competitive type, so I went online and did some research. Navy SEALs were the best of the best, the hardest to make. If I was going to do something, I was going to do it all the way.”

“That doesn’t surprise me at all,” Teagan replied, feeling Luca’s arm drape around her shoulder, giving her a light squeeze. He pulled her close to him, and Teagan felt herself stiffen.

“Why do you keep fighting this, darlin’?” Luca asked.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I don’t like you lying to me. You know exactly what I mean.” Luca’s dominant tone sent butterflies into Teagan’s belly.

“Trident has been whining at the door. Apparently, you went outside and forgot about him,” Octavius called from the front porch. Teagan smiled widely as the German Shepherd came bounding toward them, grateful for the interruption.

“Traitor,” Luca muttered when, instead of going straight to his owner, Titan nudged his large, hairy head underneath Teagan’s hand.

“He knows I love him,” she said, petting Titan. Standing up, Luca offered Teagan his hands. As she allowed him to help her stand, she was unprepared to be pulled into a deep embrace.

“You are freezing, darlin’,” Luca said, wrapping his arms even tighter around her. The chill she was feeling instantly disappeared. He lowered his lips and kissed her forehead gently before speaking again.

“Next time you decide to go out into the cold, make sure you dress appropriately. I don’t like my girl putting herself at risk,” Luca scolded. “In fact, once you stop fighting us being together, this type of behavior will earn you a nice, warm bottom to go with your ice-cold fingers.” He let her go then, and she rushed back toward the house, his laughter following behind.

Dammit. For the umpteenth time since meeting him, Teagan was reminded why she needed to keep a spare, clean pair of underwear in her car.

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